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Welcome to Theclasstutor!


Our team of experts provides one-on-one lessons for the students preparing for IGCSE, A-Level, and IB exams.


Beyond the geographical boundaries, we are confident in our

online tutoring sessions which curated for each student

to the best of knowledge.

  Consultation and planning education abroad is also at our service. 

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About Us

Professional Education Consulting


We have been a professional tutoring center giving lessons and

consults to countless students since 2013. 


Our tutors are qualified and experienced in international programs including



We believe in maintaining a positive mindset as well as encouraging

students to aim high, and always strive for significant outcomes.


Our 1-on-1 class with professional tutors can guide

each student to discover their true strengths in no time. 


Want to learn more? Contact us for an initial consultation.

Our Services
Consulting Team

You can call him a scientist, teacher or simply a father with 15 years of experience among the kids; he just knows the trick. He knows when to be a big brother and when to be a teacher to bring the best out of his students.

Head of Chemistry & Biology

Back then, he used to be shy of his excellence. However, it has brought him to this profession. As happy as any guy can be; he naturally explains complex concepts in simple terms with daily basis examples. Students just love him.

Head of Mathemetics & Physics

As a mom of two children, that makes her interest in education has never been less. She's a master of application. Hunting for scholarships since her undergrad has given her significant experience in searching for the best schools and universities around the world.  

Head of Exams & Higher Education

Online Class 1-on-1