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How to choose a suitable international school for your child.

Before sending children to school Many parents are probably worried about choosing a school in the first place. Nowadays there are many school options. But of course, not every school is suitable for our children. Choosing a school therefore consists of many factors. Today, #theclasstutor I will take a look at the important factors when considering choosing an international school for your child. To serve as a guideline for parents.

Of course, high tuition fees indicate that schools have good standards, but we can see that tuition fees should be reflected in Facilities or things provided by schools, such as school spaces, sports fields, laboratories, music rooms, swimming pools, and The facilities are sufficient to accommodate a large number of students. We should first visit the school to see if its facilities are available. Answer what we want.

the teachers of every school already have standards, such as schools that have a brand or schools that have their main branch in England and have bought and opened in Thailand. These schools will have clear requirements for teachers. Those coming from the head office must also come to the branch school. Schools like this will have quality teachers. This is because the teachers who come to teach will come from major fields such as England. Next, you should look at the proportion of teachers who are foreigners. or a teacher who is a Native speaker so that our children can speak with that accent Partly because the international schools Often substitute foreign teachers from other countries such as the Philippines, India, etc. to keep costs down. As a result, the tuition fees that we pay may not be worth it. Because it has to do with parents' expectations. You should also consider how old the teachers are. Because teachers who are over 60 years old may be too old. #theclasstutor There is an opinion that the ideal teacher should be not too young and not too old, approximately 25-45 years old.

Ranking is an important part in which we can evaluate where this school is in the ranking. It is a reflection of how much this school emphasizes academics. If the school is ranked high, our children will get academics. Because that school will be highly competitive. But it may not be suitable for our child if our child is into activities. Therefore, we should mainly consider the students whether they are suitable for that international school or not. This is because some students like to compete. But some groups may not like it. Parents can go see the rankings on the website.

4. #Travel

Traveling isn't the only stress on parents. But it also happens to children. Let's say that the kids Have to wake up early to get stuck in traffic. It takes 2 hours on the road to get to school and another 2 hours to return, which can be stressful for your child.


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