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School : St. Stephen's Internationnal School


Current : University of Warwick, UK, Economics


"Aj. Golf’s teaching is exceptional. He is concise, nevertheless still easy to understand. The minor technique or keynote that he teach is extremely useful, especially for examination. It can either help you to understand the problem, or save you a lot of time in the exam."

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School: International School of Bangkok

Current: Pratt Institute, USA, Interior Design

"Kru Golf teaching style is entertaining, yet in-depth and informative. His way of teaching really helped me understand things very well, and was not hard to follow. Class was never boring and he always had new different ways for students to practice, understand and solve problems in the best of ways.

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Current : Harrow International School

" Kru golf is one of the best teacher I’ve ever had. He has different style of teaching that makes the subject itself much easier and interesting. I especially like how he likes to relate the content to real life problem. This approach to learning makes it easier for me to recall the material later on."

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School : St. Stephen's International School

Current : University of Birmingham, UK, Medical Science

" Aj' Golf's teaching style is professional and practical, his teaching sessions are interactive, this involve discussions and working through the problems that individual students have."

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School : Regents International School Pattaya

Current : Waseda University, Computer Science and Engineering, Okuma Scholarship

" Aj’ Golf has a very personal and adaptive teaching style which is appropriate to individual students' academic level and learning style, providing optimal assistance in developing a good understanding of contents covered in class. "

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School : Seaham School of Technology, UK

Current : Sunderland College, UK

Very friendly teacher who is knowledgeable about his subjects. Able to make a difficult topic understandable through simple means. Provides helpful subject sheets and gives homework which helps understand topics easily. Provides valuable mock exams from previous years to help your learning, will help you with whatever topic or question you are stuck with and explain it in understandable terms.

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School : St. Stephen's International School 

Current : St. George's University


" Teaching was perfect. He has good teaching methods, including mnemonics and other learning strategies. Kru Golf is one of the best teachers i could find, and i would recommend him to anyone. "

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School : Adventist International Mission School

Current : Silpakorn University International College, Animation


" Kru Golf could give you more than what is in the book or a lesson. He can be both advisor and teacher. He teaches me how to understand the structure or nature of mathematic instead of focus only formulas that only need to be remembered and use it. "


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